Commercial Photography


Product Photography

Our photography experience ranges from e-commerce, general white background, still life, electronics, medical devices, cosmetics, apparel, handbags, shoes, and other fashion accessories.  We provide a fast product photography service with courier pickup (in the Kansas City Metro) and an online portal to ensure you can start viewing your photos as soon as they are ready. Because of the nature of product and commercial work, all final photographs are delivered digitally. Proof books are available on request.


Photos on White

The most common photographic style for e-commerce and website product display is white background. This can be particularly stunning for white or light-colored objects, as the light wraps around the product and produces creamy, inviting tones.

Photos on Black

For certain products, a black background can add visual weight. Products that are seen as more "masculine" objects are well suited for this treatment. Black objects photographed on black take on an air of power and mystery. 

Getting Started

To get your job started, please use the form below to provide a few details about your requirements. Since commercial work can vary greatly in size and scope, we prefer to quote these jobs directly. During business hours, a quote will be returned to you within one hour. If you prefer to get a quote by phone, you can call 816-905-2772.

We reserve the right to request additional information in preparing our quote, and we reserve the right to decline projects that are beyond our scope of capability, or contain adult content, at the sole discretion of Barrett Media, Inc.

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